What games can you enjoy on the Vortex network and ComplexMC?

Vortex network and Complex MC are the two best  Minecraft survival servers for playing Minecraft games. These are the space-themed and high-end platforms that you can join and enjoy your favorite games. Both are US-based with fast connections. There are a lot of games that these servers support, but before you find out the games you can play on these servers, let’s first find out the way to join the server and server IP supported by these two servers.

Server IP

Server IP for these two Minecraft survival servers is ms.vortexnetwork.net and bm.mc-complex.com. You can get complete information on the official page. For vortex network, you need 1.17 version or older, and for Complex MC, there is a need for 1.18 version or older. The server IP for ComplexMC is bm.mc-complex.com. Add on the server to join it smoothly.

Playing And Joining on These Servers.

Follow the steps below to join  Minecraft Survival servers.

Open the launcher and click on the play button. After that, select the Multiplayer from the menu section. Then here, you will get an option of “Add server” and add the server IP of the Complex MC or Vortex network. After adding the address, click on done to complete the joining procedure.

By following these few steps, you can reach to any game you want to play on Minecraft.

Games To Enjoy Through These Servers

At these Minecraft survival servers, you will get a lot of options to play. Popular games that you will love to enjoy are Survival, Pixelmon, factions, and Prison. Let’s have a slight review on each game so you can kill your spare time with complete entertainment.

SkyBlock Game

For Minecraft game enthusiasts, the Skyblock game series is a wonderful option. You can easily find it on the Vortex network. In the game, you help the main character to look for a new adventure. The game is started on the island, and you get items to survive and build your hut. You can show your skill and create your own cabin. Thus, the game is full of adventures and helps you kill your spare time for hours.


One more game available at these best  Minecraft survival servers is Factions. Although it is a complicated game and experts can play this, beginners can also learn about it to enjoy during their free time. You can claim land, build, get money, fight enemies, and don’t die in the game.


One more game mode is the survival. It is also an interesting game you can enjoy on both ComplexMC and Vortex network servers. You must collect resources, eat, battle mobs, build structures and explore the world to survive in the game. In Survival, you receive achievements and can enjoy playing the game by add-ons, host privileges, and cheats off.

Other Games

The other games supported on Minecraft Survival servers that you will definitely like to play are Prison, Vanilla, economy, and Pixelmon. You can easily find these games when you join the server and start playing them. So, if you want to convert your free time to quality time, join any of these servers today and get an amazing playing experience. The servers are reliable, authentic, and great in speed so you will not be bored and have an incredible time.

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